Forest County Potawatomi AODA Overview:

Forest County Potawatomi
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Treatment Program

The Forest County Potawatomi AODA outpatient treatment program provides an effective and unique treatment experience that is culturally sensitive for Native and non-Native Americans struggling with addiction.

Our treatment approach combines compassion and respect to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each client. We use a variety of treatment programs including:

  • 12 step recovery
  • Traditional and Cultural teachings
  • Individual and community-based group therapy
  • Educational talks
  • Family participation

Incorporating Traditions and Values

Our clients have the opportunity to learn more about spirituality and culture through traditional practices which include:

  • Smudging (for purification)
  • Talking Circles (for learning and sharing life experiences)
  • Storytelling (for learning from stories passed down from our elders-usually told in the winter)
  • Sweat Lodges (for purification)

We look on all things as having life, spiritual energy and importance. Fundamental beliefs we teach are:

  • All things are connected
  • All things have life
  • All things are worthy of respect and reverence

To learn more about our chemical dependency treatment services, please call us at 715-478-4332.